The Hill Farm House - Marquee Wedding Venue & Outdoor Weddings
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Welcome to Northamptonshire’s newest venue for outdoor weddings and celebrations

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A venue visit takes approximately one hour, where you’ll walk through the beautiful gardens and out to the pond, looking out to the beautiful fields beyond. You’ll pass by the llamas, the donkeys too… all of which you’ll be able to share this walk with your guests on your wedding day too!


Home Close Field, with its breath-taking views, is where you can erect a marquee of your choice (oh & some posh loos!)


There’s plenty of parking for all of your guests, and gorgeous accommodation in the village for when they need to rest their weary heads, though should you wish to have your guests to stay on site, camping can happen; sleeping under the stars is a pure delight.


There’s options for everyone, from the small intimate affair, to open spaces for a huge gathering for a gorgeous pair! So, whether you feel like you want something gigantic or small, The Hill Farm House… truly has got it all.

Intimate Outdoor Wedding Venue - Marquee Bar - The Hill Farm House

And whilst we’re on the old “ you must not do” there are a couple of things we must highlight to you:


No fireworks, lanterns or anything alike can be set off from our fields as its unfair on the animals – you would give them a fright!


Smoke if you wish, but only outdoors, and be sure to smoke in designated areas – not leaving the butts on the floors. (our lovely llamas & delightful donkeys don’t take to vets too kindly when they’ve eaten cigarette butts and other small pieces … such as confetti ( on that note … throw as much confetti as you like – natural petals please)


If Home Close Field is what tickles your fancy, remember there’s no power to do all your partying and your dancy, dancing! Though, please don’t let this worry you, as we can discuss the options of lighting, power and all the things that will help you.


All that we ask is that you treat Hill Farm House with care, that you have an utterly amazing party & you leave it all as you first found it there.

With a team that includes 3 llamas, 2 donkeys, 2 white turtle doves and the lovely soul Niki, you know you are in for a treat and one very relaxed and unique wedding at The Hill Farm House.


With 20 years in the wedding industry, working in bridal footwear; Niki knew it was time to leave the Big City smoke behind her and open her doors (well gates) to her beautiful Countryside home, set in a stunning Northamptonshire village & share all the loveliness that is hidden away…


In ten acres of countryside galore, with a secret garden and an orchard, but wait … there is more!


With a wonderous walk through a hidden pathway in trees, to open fields where you can party with guests…it’s truly the bee’s knee’s.


For Niki knows what couples want and desire, a place to enjoy their day, relaxed or full steam … above all, with views to admire. (& being on hand to support you on lead up to your big day … and on the day itself!)

Wedding Marquee, Tee Pee - Wedding Venue - The Hill Farm House

The Small Paw Print

There’s a few little rules, to keep the neighbours at bay, the music & bar closes at eleven, and at Midnight, we’ll wave you & your guests away.


Music in the Secret Garden is a more relaxed and chilled affair, a speaker with your favourite tunes, as you’re close to the animals, so we ask that you party with care.


The maximum number of guests in the secret garden is thirty, anything above this Home Close Field is the place to “hit the dancefloor, boogie & get down & dirty!” (or whatever tickles your fancy!)


Our bar prices are glorious, there’s no expensive hotel prices here, you can grab a drink of your choice … its based on the price ofour local Pub beer. (& so, with that said, there’s no need to sneak in a car bar … no naughty guests will want Niki to be seeing red!)


We’re not all stuffy & tell you which suppliers you “must” use – it’s your wedding day, so you get to choose. (Though we’re happy to guide you … from marquees to fabulous loo’s!)


The Animals welcome you all into the grounds of our home, though we must advise you that their grazing fields are a strict no-go zone!


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Northamptonshire Location

Our wedding venue is located in the charming Northamptonshire village of Brigstock, a stones throw from Corby, Kettering, Oundle and Thrapston.


Please contact us for an appointment to view our wedding venue, or visit us on one of our regular wedding venue open days. Wedding guests please check our contact page for information on parking and venue entrance.


Distances From:

Corby: 4.8 miles via A6116

Kettering: 10.2 miles via A4300 | A6116

Oundle: 7.3 miles via Harley Way

Thrapston: 6.3 miles via A6116