What a Marquee Wedding Venue Offers That Other Venues Don't - The Hill Farm House
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What a Marquee Wedding Venue Offers That Other Venues Don’t

If you’re getting married soon, you know that there are a lot of decisions to be made. Everything from choosing the caterer to choosing the venues for the ceremony and reception need to be considered. But if you haven’t decided on your venue for the reception, there’s an option that you might find preferable to a hall. Have you heard of marquee wedding venues? If you’ve heard of them but never actually been to a marquee venue, then you might think that they are just a big tent. But a marquee wedding venue is actually so much more than that.

Marquees can even offer options that a regular building can’t, so we created a list of some of the biggest benefits to having your wedding or wedding reception in a marquee.

What Marquee Wedding Venues Offer That Traditional Venues Dont - The Hill Farm House

Marquees Have Flexible Decor Options

Say that you’ve always wanted a Moroccan-themed wedding reception, but you can’t find a venue that won’t clash with your desired theme. All you can find are Victorian-era mansions, country clubs, and hotel ballrooms. All of those venues might be perfect for another wedding theme, but if you’re looking to create a venue that feels authentic to Morocco, then those venues will actually detract from the aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. A marquee provides a perfectly clean backdrop that you can stage with the right furniture, lighting, and accessories to make your guests feel like they are actually in Morocco.

Marquees Can Be Used in Any Season

A common misconception about marquees is that they are only a viable option in fair-weather seasons. After all, you wouldn’t want your guests sweating in the middle of July or shivering in December. But marquees can be set up to have air conditioning when it’s hot and heating during the cooler months. Marquees also have flooring like a building, so you won’t need to worry about muddy grounds inside.

Marquees Can Be Set Up Almost Anywhere

If you have a favourite location picked out, but there isn’t a building nearby that could accommodate all of your guests, you can still have that idyllic location with a marquee. You can even work your setting for your marquee into the entertainment and location. How about a glamping experience with your friends and family around the wedding.

Marquees Come in Different Styles

There are the traditional white marquees, but they can also come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes are also available. If you are having a smaller wedding, you won’t have any awkward wasted space that you’ll feel obligated to fill. But if you are having a large wedding, you can choose a marquee that will accommodate all of your guests and activities. Additionally, the variety of available shapes has increased over the last several years. The more traditional white marquees often come with centre poles and high-pitched ceilings that create an elegant look. But you can also choose a framed marquee, which has all of its framing on the outside of the marquee so that you have an unobstructed space inside. Other options include Chinese hat marquees and trapeze marquees.

Marquees Create the Opportunity For Several Types of Lighting

The beautiful part about a marquee during the day is that you have natural sunlight steaming in through the open sides and the top of the marquee. It creates a sunny, bright atmosphere that most indoor venues can’t offer. And when night comes, you actually have several options that create a romantic atmosphere. LED string lights are popular because they blend with stars in the sky. You can also choose to add chandeliers for a more formal aesthetic. Colour washes are festive against the great blank canvas of a white marquee, or you can also coordinate the inside lighting with the outside by hanging paper lanterns in both places.

You Can Add Extra Space to a Marquee

If you find a venue in an area that you like, that doesn’t mean that the venue will actually accommodate your needs. If the receptions hall is too small to accommodate your guests or the dance floor that you desire, there’s little that you can do about it. But if you use a marquee, you can add onto your reception area. You can even make separate rooms for different activities. If you want a room that is separate from your dance floor so that people have a quieter place to talk, you can create that space.

You Have Control Over Food and Beverages

Many venues have a pre-determined caterer that you are required to use if you want to have your reception at that location. This means that if you want a particular caterer or a less than common menu, you probably won’t be able to get it. With a marquee reception, you get to choose the caterer that will be able to supply you with the menu options that you desire. The advantage of being able to choose your own vendors also comes into play when you are choosing who will provide the drinks. Not only can you find the vendors who will make the drink list that you want, but you can also shop around for the better deals so that your guests aren’t paying as much.

When you’re planning a wedding, you have many choices to make. But you shouldn’t feel confined to an indoor venue for your reception. Marquees offer many advantages over a traditional indoor reception hall. When you know what’s available and what you want, you’ll find that you can create a beautiful wedding reception venue that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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