Wedding Registration Office in Northamptonshire - The Hill Farm House
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Wedding Registration Offices in Northamptonshire


The Hill Farm House does not currently hold a wedding licence which means you will need to have your wedding ceremony / civil partnership at either a local church or registry office.


Northamptonshire registration offices and venues permit you to choose a weekend or weekday wedding at various times throughout the day. Registrars in our experience are very helpful in guiding you through the process and making your ceremony unique to you.


What you Need to Know


Providing Notice

As you put the finishing touches on your wedding plans, you need to notify the local register office of your intended venue for unifying in marriage or a civil union. You need to give a minimum 28 days’ notice after which time your notice displays publicly in the office for an additional 28 days.


You might need to provide the notification even if you plan to marry or unify in a civil union abroad. The overseas authority can give you information to let you know whether a certificate of no impediment will be necessary.


You are only able to give notice in a district where you have resided for at least the week prior or longer. You then will have a year to marry or form a civil union. Scottish residents will have three months. If you or your partner are a foreign national not inside the European Economic Area or Switzerland, your process will be a bit different.


Documentation for the Register Office

You will need to present identification that can verify your name, nationality and age with the register office. In instances involving a name change, you should bring along a deed poll copy to verify your identity. Some examples of suitable documents to prove your identity include:


  • Biometric Residence Card/Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalisation


You similarly must be able to provide proof of residence. Bring in a valid United Kingdom or EEA driving licence to supply your address. Other options include:



  • Present Tenancy Agreement
  • Bank Statement from the Last Month
  • Mortgage Statement from the Last Year (12 Months)


The register office requires documents for any divorce and widows as well. You will need to bring them a final order if your were previously divorced. International divorces must be properly documented also. You will take the register office the pertinent annulment documents. For widows, you need to supply your deceased partner’s death certificate.


Proceedings of Your Ceremony

Marriages must involve a verbal exchange of formal wording. You can consult with the person officiating your ceremony about any special vows or words you want to include in your ceremony.


A civil union ceremony will not include any religious readings or hymns from the Bible, nor is it necessary that you exchange vows. However, you are more than welcome to exchange words at your discretion. Your civil ceremony can feature music, other readings and songs as well.


Venues approved for civil unions include the register office or any venue approved by the local council. Another option is a religious setting that granted you their approval. The religious establishment or venue must have approval from the local authority as well.


You and your significant other will then sign the marriage register or civil partnership document to make everything official. At least two guests must be present at your ceremony to witness the document signing.


To register your union, whether it be a marriage or civil union, you must pay a typical fee of £46 if you get married at the register office. The fee is subject to change pending your wedding venue.


You can secure your copy of the important certificate on the day of your ceremony for £4 and £10 any day afterward. This document is more than just a piece of paper as you may need it to prove your union in the future.


Local Registration Offices


Corby Office

Corby furnishes a ceremony room capable of sitting up to 100 guests. You are only able to view the council room after you have booked a date. The music player in the council room is compatible with USB for memory sticks.


Other options for connecting your music include an aux cord or Bluetooth. Bluetooth is compatible with fifth-generation iPhones and higher. Choose to commemorate your special day with photographs inside or outside of the Corby office.


Pictures will not be taken in the roof garden as it is closed. Everyone who you envision being there can witness your big moment since the venue is wheelchair accessible.


You can request an interpreter as well if someone needs that service. Parking will be no issue at this venue since there are multiple pay and display car parks in the vicinity. You can book this venue for your wedding at your earliest convenience. It is located at:


Corby Registration Office

The Corby Cube

Parkland Gateway

George Street


NN17 1QG


Kettering Office

The Kettering office is ideal for you if you prefer a more intimate ceremony. A maximum of 42 guests can witness your union in the Mayor’s Parlour. Guests will enter into the office and report to reception. They will then receive guidance to the registration office.


You can play your music via aux cord or Bluetooth in the Mayor’s Parlour. However, your phone must be an iPhone 5 or newer to work with the Bluetooth dock. It is also important that you have a designated guest to operate your phone if you want to supply your own music.


Scenic community gardens are a short stroll from the Kettering office so you can have the perfect backdrop for pictures. The registration office and Mayor’s Parlour are both wheelchair accessible so that all of your beloved can be in attendance.


Street parking near the Kettering Office is both limited and time-restricted. Pay and display parking is available at the Cornmarket on London Road. Free parking will only be provided for the ceremony vehicle.


You will locate the Kettering Registration Office at:


Kettering Registration Office

Kettering Library

Sheep Street


NN16 0AY


The address for the ceremony room (the Mayor’s Parlour) is:


The Mayor’s Parlour

Kettering Borough Council

Bowling Green Road



NN15 7QX


Oundle Office

The Fletton House ceremony room, located adjacent to the library, will seat your 60 selected guests. The CD player has the ability to dock not only with iPhones but also with iPods and other mobile devices. A new speaker system will see the music system shift from being CD player-based to being USB formatting.


Oundle Registration Office and the ceremony room in Fletton house are wheelchair accessible for any disabled persons. While there is a doctor’s surgery car park close by, guests should not park here. They should instead park in the facilities behind Fletton house or alternatively on Glapthorn road. Locate the Oundle Library at:


Oundle Library

Glapthorn Road




The ceremony room next door can be found at:


Fletton House

Glapthorn Road





Northampton Office

The Northampton Office has the authority to conduct your marriage or civil union ceremony and give the respective registration. The Guildhall ceremony room comfortably sits 35 guests, but the room’s maximum capacity is 50 people. A CD player with an iPhone dock lets you connect your music directly. Other mobile phones and iPods can connect to the system, too.


An upgraded sound system will instead utilize USB memory sticks and Bluetooth to connect your tunes in a more modernised fashion. Bluetooth will only be compatible with fifth-generation iPhones and newer.


The Northampton venue will be accessible for those with wheelchairs or disabilities so they can enjoy the ceremony as well. The ceremonial bridal car will receive a parking permit valid throughout the duration of the ceremony. Guests should park their vehicles in the St. Johns multi storey car park. Locate the registration office at:


Northampton Central Library

Abington Street




You will locate the ceremony room at:


The Guildhall

St Giles Street




Choose the venue that offers the adequate space for your guests then head off to your wedding venue for a wonderful reception.