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The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2019

Organising and planning your wedding can be overwhelming without having to worry about the latest wedding trends, so we included some of this years trends for you to digest in one update.

There are also plenty of wedding fairs to visit before making those final decisions.

wedding trends in 2019 - The Hill Farm House

Wedding Trends for 2019

1. Gowns That Naturally Enhance The Body

New twists on classic wedding dress details are going to be part of the hottest trends for 2019. Lace dresses, always popular with brides, are seeing a surge in popularity for several reasons. One of the biggest is that contemporary lace is softer and clings to the body better than older forms that created a larger, stiffer silhouette. Modern lace dresses can be light and modern enough for summer country ceremonies or hot destination weddings on the beach. They allow a sexy glimpse of the bride’s figure without exposing too much, combining modesty with sex appeal. If all over lace is too overwhelming, you can choose a lace veil to incorporate just a little into your look.

Bows are another retro wedding trend that are coming back into fashion. They can serve a practical purpose when placed on certain areas of your own dress or your bridesmaid dresses. They can be a great way to draw visual attention away from any parts of the body you feel insecure about or highlight the areas you’ve worked hard to get in shape. Unlike 1980’s dresses with bows placed above the bum, modern wedding dresses might incorporate a bow right under the derriere of a fitted dress to accentuate the curve of the body.

If you prefer a more streamlined look, you’ll find a wide selection of modern, simple dresses in the shops this year. Part of this is due to the dress Megan Markle wore to marry Prince Harry. The simple design and quality fabric helped to emphasise the classic design and the bride’s natural beauty. If you’re also hoping to look natural but refined and elegant on your big day, a simple dress with quality detailing and fabric might be the perfect choice. Combined with natural makeup and a vintage tiara, your beauty will stand out as you walk down the aisle.

2. Hair and Makeup

Inspired by the makeup artists flooding Instagram feeds and the wealth of beauty products on the market, many brides are using advanced techniques to enhance their beauty on the big day. On camera, normal everyday makeup can be unremarkable, and you’ll be looking at wedding photos for the rest of your days so you want to look your best. Even brides who want to look fresh and natural can benefit from some well placed makeup to emphasise natural assets. You can even contour your cleavage area to make your décolletage more alluring without the price tag of a breast enhancement. If you’re useless with a makeup brush, enlist the services of a talented friend or a professional makeup artist. It will be one expense you won’t regret once you see the photos online and in your home.

3. Bridal Party

Tradition is out the window when it comes to the bridal party, allowing every bride to customise exactly who she wants to include. If you want to have your gay best friend as your man of honour, you certainly wouldn’t be the first. Want your beloved dog or cat in the ceremony? Go for it. Some brides and grooms are choosing no wedding party, standing up on their own to signify the life they are about to embark on together. Not only is this a bold choice that shows how in love you are, its also a considerate move if you know your best girlfriends are too skint to afford bridesmaid dresses and elaborate hen dos. It allows your girl squad to enjoy the pre-wedding and wedding festivities without having to worry about breaking the bank.

4. Hen Night

If the girls from Love Island have taught us anything, its that sometimes its better not to have every minute of girls night displayed for everyone to see. If you’re hoping to have a legendary hen night, you don’t want to have to worry about what will end up posted and who’ll end up seeing it. Think about how you want to handle social media, and make a plan to get everyone else on board. Brides might impose a ban on social media after a certain time hits, or have a box or basket to collect everyone’s phone before the night really kicks off. Not only will this stop any revealing photos ending up on social media, it will also help everyone enjoy the moment instead of being caught up in taking selfies all night, and lessen the chances of one of your drunk mates losing her phone. You can hire a photographer to document the key moments, or designate one person to take group shots with a digital camera instead of a phone.

5. Make Everything Your Own

Perhaps the most important wedding trend of the coming year is to make the wedding totally your own. Modern brides are doing away with tradition to create an event that honours who they are and what they love instead of the stuffy, traditional affairs of yesteryear. Whether you want to celebrate your union in a brightly lit park or a swanky hotel, there is no limit to where or when you can have your ceremony. Friday weddings will continue to become more popular thanks to the major cost savings they represent for the bride and groom. If you’re on a budget, consider making this move so you can spend less on the venue (think outdoor weddings) and afford more of the other items on your wish list.

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