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Stilettos or trainers?

What to wear to a marquee wedding!


Article written by renowned bridal footwear designer Diane Hassall



Whether you’re the bride, Mother of the bride or a guest at a marquee wedding, it
pays to spend some time thinking about what shoes you will opt for on the big day.
The weather may well affect your choice too, anyone for wellies? Not actually as
mad a you might think as there are specialist ivory wellies designed for exactly this
purpose, and they don’t have to be worn for the entire day if you’d prefer to start
the day in something more special .

Gone are the days where a slim sexy heel is the only option for the bride, there are
lots of great block heels, wedges and flats, which can all be great options in a
marquee, not to mention trainers wellies and Converse type pumps. If you’re
famous for your love of trainers then why not!

Shoes are the perfect way to express your personality and your wedding day is a
great opportunity to splash out on something really special, that says something
about you. Many brides have more than one pair, so if you’re lusting after a
gorgeous pair of investment heels then go ahead and spoil yourself, they could be
worn at the church or wherever you have your ceremony and then you could swap
to a cool pair of pumps or some funky block heels for the rest of the day.
Many marques are very well provided for with covered walkways and purpose
made paths so you may well spend the whole day in your treasured wedding
shoes and not need to consider the terrain !

If not then another option is to invest in a pair of heel covers….. if we’re being
honest they’re not the most glamorous things but there are transparent versions
available , and they’re usually flared at the base to help prevent sinking in the mud,
(should you be that unlucky!!) and will certainly save your beautiful heels from a lot
of distress!

Even if the weather is kind to you a pair of cool pumps can look amazing and there
are some fabulous block heeled sandals around too, if you’re planning to dance
the night away then a pair of flats or trainers are a must, and I wasn’t joking about
the wellies, if that’s what floats your boat then go for it, it will certainly be a talking


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