Outdoor Wedding Venue Planning Tips - The Hill Farm House
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Outdoor Wedding Venue Planning Tips

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be it on a beach, in the middle of a field or at a country estate, there are some things you that you will want to keep in mind. When you invite Mother Nature to share your lucky day, it is like asking her to lend her own blessings to your festivities. Keeping some tips in mind will add to the romantic nature of the event while helping keep it practical.

Thinking in practical terms will often help you decide on the perfect outdoor wedding venue. Your main priority in planning should be how your vendors will be able to access the area. Keeping your food serving area near an access area helps these professionals get in and out quickly.

The activities that you want to have at your outdoor wedding should match the topography, if you want to have a boogie then a flat area where a portable dance floor or rattan flooring can be installed would be handy in keeping your guests upright.

If your wedding will be running into the evening, then you are going to need lighting. Think about the difference in sunrise and sunset throughout the year as it can make a huge difference in the amount of natural lighting that is available.

Depending on your vendors and the equipment they offer, you may need to bring in a suitable generator. Depending on the size required, noise could be an issue if not suitable located.

Beach or riverside outdoor venue, be sure to check on tide levels. What may be a perfect location during low tide can be underwater during high tide. Since high and low tides usually follow the moon’s phases, make sure to look at an accurate chart.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Planning Tips - The Hill Farm House


Come Wind, Come Weather

Timing your wedding so that the surroundings are in bloom is a great way to cut down on expenses. Simple decorations and backdrops against the natural beauty of an area, will look even more vibrant.

Think about the amount of shade available when choosing the perfect location. If this is not practical, then you may want to provide a marquee or other structure will shelter guests from the elements.

Plan on the wind blowing during your ceremony, so think about how you will keep everything in its place. Some locations are naturally more sheltered than others from the wind. Nonetheless, make sure that you and your bridesmaids choose hairstyles that do not look windblown. Choose dresses that will not blow up to reveal things in the wind.

Double check the time of day that you want to have your ceremony. After all, you do not want the sun in your eyes when you say “I do” or in the eyes of your guests who came to celebrate your special day with you.

Keeping your ceremony short is preferable for an outdoor event. Twenty-five to 30 minutes is ideal because people will be concentrating on the ceremony and not mind if uncomfortable weather rolls in. Make it clear to your guests that your ceremony will be outdoors allowing them to plan their wardrobe appropriately.


Take Advantage of the Environment

One of the best reasons to think about an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty that can surround it. Whether it be beautiful rolling hills, a gorgeous beach or deep ravines, they can all be used to enhance your special day.

Decorations for an outdoor wedding should enhance the natural environment and not take away from it. Think about a simple archway that the couple can stand under during the ceremony. If you are afraid that it might rain, then consider a small canopy instead. Think about where you will have your guests sit during the ceremony.

Work with your site to make sure that the environment is prepared for your wedding. Keeping the grass mowed will help eliminate insects. Finding a way to eliminate any standing puddles of water will also help to keep uninvited flying guests away from your ceremony.

Think about natures sound, waves crashing against the shore may make it difficult to hear. Kids playing nearby can hinder people hearing if you host your event at a park. Depending on the particular location, you may face noise restrictions.


The Venue

There are a few final considerations that you need to account for before making any final decisions. You need to make sure that you provide a place for your guests to go to the bathroom.

Check if you need to get permits to host your wedding in particular locations. Check on these things beforehand so that there are no last-minute panics. Of course, when permits are needed, it is important to include these in your wedding checklist.

Planning Tips for an Outdoor Wedding Venue - The Hill Farm House


Have a Backup Plan

While outdoor weddings are stunning, it is essential to have a backup plan. It may not have rained for a month until your wedding time arrives. Torrential downpours can dampen even the most beautiful outside wedding venue. Cold temperatures may occur unexpectedly despite good planning. If there is a chance of cooler weather, fleece shawls can be ready for the ladies, a selection of flip flops for evening dancing and a selection of brollies just in case.

Speak to the venue, they have a wealth of experience.

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