Marquee Wedding Venue Checklist - The Hill Farm House
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Marquee Wedding Venue Checklist

Marquee Wedding Venue Checklist - The Hill Farm House


Deciding on a marquee wedding venue set up is a really great idea. It can be especially wonderful during warmer months and lends itself to a truly wonderful outdoor experience.

Marquee weddings are highly personalised and can be incredibly beautiful. However, a lot of planning is needed and getting all the work done is more involved than a hotel or wedding venue package.

So we created a marquee wedding venue checklist to help you build your own dream marquee wedding.

Important things to note

Firstly, planning a wedding in itself is a challenge. Deciding to design your own marquee for the venue is a lot of extra work. Here are some thoughts on what you should check to make sure that everything is set on the right path to a perfect wedding.


A great weeding definitely needs food and this is one thing you want to get right. In a marquee layout, you will need to set up a kitchen area around the venue for your caterers. After deciding who the food service providers will be, remember to ask them how much space they might require. You will also need to get the general set up of the marquee and choose a specific part that will serve as the kitchen. Go for a discrete place with some privacy. Avoid putting the kitchen area in an open place where everyone can see the caterers prepare food.

A good caterer will help you with this planning and if they do not know the venue, will arrange a trip to the venue with you.

Storage and changing area

Since you will be having an outdoor event, you will require enough storage space and a changing area for the crew. The sound equipment, kitchenware, and several other things might need to come a day earlier than the wedding day and you should plan for that. Getting a small section behind the main event area will be convenient for this purpose. People should be able to pop in and out of the area without distracting the main event.

Flower arrangement

We all know that the flowers are a critical part of the wedding ceremony. Not only do they help set the mood of the event, but they also speak a lot about your personality and character.

How the flowers are blended and placed around the venue speaks volumes and helps set the pace for the whole day. You need to be extra careful when it comes to flower arrangement. Take note of the terrain first. Make sure that the flower vases are stable enough so that they will not topple over easily. The last thing you want is to hear the shuttering sound of a fallen vase during the ceremony.

Marquee Wedding Venue Checklist - Flower Arrangements - The Hill Farm House

Wind strength and direction is an important issue to consider when setting up hanging flowers. You want to keep these in the less windy side on the marquee.

Weather backup plans

The weather can be quite unpredictable sometimes. That’s why you need to make plans for the day in case of any surprises. You need to be prepared for sudden windy situations and side covers / sheet covers that can fit on the sides of the marquee to shield people from the wind.

Additionally, ensure that you set the marquee on stable ground. You do not want it blown off as the ceremony progresses. Leave nothing to chance by preparing for the best and for the worst. This will give you peace of mind and an opportunity to enjoy the day without much worry.


Great lighting in a wedding is very essential. It complements the general decoration theme and gives the venue a sleek finish. The fact that your event will be in a marquee makes lighting even more important. You need to choose equipment such as the stage lights, chandeliers, and unique decoration bulbs. Make sure they are complementary to the general feel of the place. You can alternatively opt to go for a bit of natural light instead of decorative lighting. Whatever you choose, make sure it blends with your intended theme.


It is obvious that you will need outdoor toilets for your marquee event. There is a whole range of outdoor toilet designs with affordable pricing out there. The most appropriate for a wedding would be larger luxury portable units (Posh Loos) that include hand washing facilities. This gives the guests and everyone at the event an easy time when they need to use the bathroom.

Position the appropriately as you could have a children, elderly, and handicapped guests, so keep this in mind.

Pathways and parking

You will need to take into consideration the number of guests you are expecting and the average cars that there will be. Depending on where you have done the set up for your event, it’s your responsibility to be aware of the parking policies for that specific area. Ground owners are likely to have strict policies on grass maintenance.

Before setting up the main marquee and subsidiary tents, you will need to consider the general layout in order to appropriately allocate footpath areas and a spacious parking lot. Additionally, you should inform the event ushers and the decorating team to put up directional sign boards to give the guests clear directions. Besides that, you can also decorate the paths to add more life to the venue. You can use lanterns, ribbons or candles. This gives the event an intimate look and a rustic feel of comfort.


A marquee wedding is very sensitive when it comes to the choice of fabric and furnishing used. Look for thematic outdoor chairs, wide dining tables, and a luxury kitchen set. You need to set up the buffet tables, the gifts table and the cake area perfectly and strategically.

They should be comfortable and also have enough space to allow easy movement for the guests. The other main issue that you will need to take care of is communication with your wedding service providers. It should be as seamless as possible.

Marquee Wedding Venue Checklist - Furnishings - The Hill Farm House

Besides that, make sure that you have ordered enough number of tables, chairs, and linen. It would be appropriate to meet all the suppliers individually and handpick your preferences.

Health and emergency

Chances are that you will have your marquee set up in field areas. Prepare for things like bug bites, minor injuries, or falls. You just need to have a simple first aid kit and a few painkillers. It’s also wise to have a list of venue information just in case someone needs to be rushed to the hospital (touch wood), call a cab or need a local accommodation.

Generally, a marquee wedding ceremony is a superb choice. It creates an intimate feel for both the wedding couple and the guests present. You only need to make sure that all things are in place. That is in terms of services and presentation. Since you you’ll be the one designing your own wedding there is very little chance that you will get anything wrong.


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