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Are Outdoor Weddings More Expensive?

Outdoor weddings can be as expensive or very cost effective as any traditional indoor wedding. Traditional indoor weddings provide a structured venue and format, but choosing an outdoor setting can actually save money. The key is to keep the rest of the wedding inexpensive, including catering, entertainment, lighting, and decor.

Are Outdoor Weddings More Expensive then Indoor Weddings - The Hill Farm House


The best things about outdoor weddings

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor weddings is the opportunity to have a beautiful backdrop setting. There are so many outdoor venues that have beautiful, scenic views that compliment almost any wedding.

Scenic views also provide an advantage for wedding photos. Although most indoor venues have decent spots for photos, outdoor weddings offer so many more possibilities. Nothing could be more breathtaking than a starry night sky or colourful sunset in the background of your photos!

Choosing an outdoor wedding also requires less decoration, which can save a lot of money. You may not need a florist, because an outdoor setting can provide a similar soft and natural feeling. Traditional wedding flowers can cost hundreds of pounds, but in an outdoor setting, they may not feel necessary.

Outdoor weddings are very family-friendly, because having plenty of wide open space can make children more comfortable. Indoor weddings can leave children feeling restless and cooped up, which can cause problems for the parents and other guests.

Versatility is another reason why some people choose to host outdoor weddings. Many venues offer outdoor space, with some additional indoor facilities. A small indoor section, greenhouse, or boathouse can offer a semi-private, quiet place for guests to talk. Having plenty of open space is more common among outdoor venues, so it’s perfect for those concerned about being too cramped inside an indoor venue.


Things to consider

Restrooms are one very important thing to consider, especially for outdoor venues. Most venues have nearby restrooms, but it can be inconvenient if they’re located too far from the rest of the party.

Weather conditions may not be too important for indoor weddings, but it can make or break outdoor weddings. Even with shelter, an outdoor wedding can feel ruined if the weather isn’t satisfactory. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable, but planning an outdoor wedding can be truly worth the risk. Just be sure to have plenty of sheltered area in case of rain!

Marquee or tent hire is one price factor to think about while browsing for venues. No matter what the weather is like, having the shelter of a large tent to cover the party space is extremely important. Even on beautiful sunny days, having a source of shelter and shade might feel necessary. You can never go wrong by renting a tent to cover the party, but beware of the costs. Fortunately, you can still save money in other ways to compensate for the rental fees.

Another cost to consider is the price of hiring tables, chairs, and a dance floor. Of course you’d want there to be plenty of places for your guests to sit, stand, and dance. If the venue you choose doesn’t offer these things, you will probably have to provide your own. In total, however, the cost may still add up to less than what you would pay for an indoor venue where they could be included.


Other costs to consider

Catering is by far one of the biggest costs associated with weddings. Any wedding can become expensive, depending on the caterer and amount of food needed. However, it is still possible to save money by supplying your own. With the help of your friends and family, it may be possible to provide your own food and drinks.

You can also opt for a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol, because bar services can also be extremely expensive. Choosing to provide everything on your own may require extra work, but it can save a lot of money and can even offer you more control of what exactly you’re getting.

Of course you’ll want photos to remember the day, which is why you’ll want a good photographer. You can save money by hiring a photographer who is just beginning their career or photographing weddings as a side job. Choosing a new photographer may feel risky, but you can ask to see former photographs. If their past photos look great, you may feel more comfortable hiring them.

Entertainment is another part where you may be able to save some money. Hiring a student musician, small band, or DJ can cost much less than hiring those who specialise in weddings. If you personally know anyone who can provide inexpensive entertainment, that can also help reduce costs.


Outdoor wedding vs Indoor wedding?

There are plenty of good things about both types of weddings. Whether you choose a lovely indoor venue or a spacious outdoor venue, you’ll have so many options for decor, entertainment, and more. If you’re on a budget, the key is to weigh the costs and be as cautious as you can be.

It is entirely possible to have a perfect outdoor wedding on a budget, as long as you plan it well. If you add the costs of necessities such as marquee, chairs, and tables, you can determine how much additional money you can spend on decor and entertainment.

If you’re still unsure of which type of wedding to choose, the first step you may want to take is visiting venues. Online browsing can help, but looking at images of venues may not be as helpful as visiting. Actually seeing the locations may help you visualise your wedding.

No matter which type of wedding you choose, a beautiful wedding is completely possible. With the right planning and budgeting, you can surely have the wedding of your dreams.

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