Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues in Northamptonshire - The Hill Farm House
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Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues in Northamptonshire

If you love the thought of having an outdoor ceremony and wedding reception then we have a selection of amazing outdoor wedding venues in Northamptonshire for you to add to your shorlist. Outdoor venues tend to offer a lot more flexibility and styling then a regular building, but they do require a little extra planning and a wet weather plan.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

There is something magical about having nature provide the backdrop to your wedding, from English pastures, woodland, marquee weddings, barns, let the energy they provide start your life together.


The Hill Farm House

Outdoor Wedding Venue Northamptonshire - The Hill Farm House
The Hill Farm House is a ten-acre estate that boasts sprawling farmlands just outside of the small village of Brigstock, and it is perfect for couples who prefer a rustic touch to their wedding experience. This venue features a large, flat open area known as Home Close Field, which can accommodate up to 120 guests. A smaller garden setting is also available on the property for a more intimate event. The venue offers props, a marquee rental, several styles of furniture, lighting and other essentials that can be used to create a comfortable, beautiful wedding and reception scene. Uniquely, the venue allows you and your guests to camp on-site, and you may also bring your own pets to join in the festivities.

Address: Hill Farm House, Park Walk, Brigstock, Northamptonshire NN14 3HH


Courteenhall Estate

Outdoor Wedding Venue Northamptonshire - Courteenhall - The Hill Farm House
The Courteenhall Estate is an ideal venue to select if you are searching for an elegant outdoor space for your wedding and reception in Northamptonshire. This is a private home that is occupied by the owner, and it is only available for a handful of dates each year. The nearby Church of Courteenhall is located within walking distance of the home, and couples may choose to host their ceremony in the church or at the estate. Smaller events with fewer than 100 guests may be hosted indoors in the immaculate home or outdoors on the grounds. Larger events with more than 100 guests are hosted under a marquee on a well-manicured parkland. The venue can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. The bride and her party can prepare for the event on the wedding day in the estate home’s Pytchley Room, which features impressive garden views.

Address: The Estate Office, Courteenhall, Northampton NN7 2QD


Brampton Grange

Outdoor Wedding Venue Northamptonshire - Brampton Grange - The Hill Farm House

For couples who are searching for a rustic yet modern venue for their event, Brampton Grange may be a wonderful option to consider. This venue features three unique barns that have been renovated with stylish décor and that are spread across a gorgeous 25-acre estate. The smaller barn is an ideal setting for more intimate gatherings, and it can host up to 60 guests. The larger barns can accommodate up to 300 guests. In addition, couples may use the large country home and three additional cottages to conveniently host overnight guests. Lodging includes a full breakfast as well as access to the tennis court, swimming pool and other amenities on-site. Through Brampton Grange, couples can work with a reputable chef to tailor their catering menu for the event.

Address: Sandy Ln, Chapel Brampton, Northampton NN6 8AD


Kingsthorpe Lodge Barn

Outdoor Wedding Venue Northamptonshire - Kingsthorpe Lodge Farm - The Hill Farm House

The Kingsthorpe Lodge Barn is located just outside of Oundle, and it uniquely is a working farm. Weddings may be hosted in your choice of a larger or smaller barn. These barns at one time were used to store harvested crops or to house livestock. They have been beautifully renovated to create a sophisticated space for your event, but they retain their unique and rustic charm. For example, they have soaring ceilings, exposed beams, stone walls and other stunning features. The property features a beautiful farmhouse where the owners currently reside as well as sweeping views of pastures and farmlands. Piglets, geese and lamb roam freely, which can add a special touch of individuality to your event.

Address: Kingsthorpe Lodge Farm, Polebrook, near Oundle, Northamptonshire PE8 5QE


The Granary at Fawsley

Outdoor Wedding Venue Northamptonshire - The Granary - The Hill Farm House

Another unique venue to consider for larger or smaller weddings is the Granary at Fawsley. This historic venue was once a working granary, and it has been renovated in charming style. This granary retains a historic feel, but it also has modern elegance. The venue can accommodate up to 250 guests for receptions as well as ceremonies. There is also a church nearby that can be used for the ceremony, and guests may easily walk to the Granary at Fawsley for the reception. This is an exclusive venue, so you can feel confident that the venue will not be used by other parties at the same time regardless of how intimate your gathering is.

Address: The Granary Hotel, Fawsley, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 3BU


Home Farm

Outdoor Wedding Venue Northamptonshire - Home Farm - The Hill Farm House

Home Farm has been a family-owned working farm for decades, and it features 250 acres of stunning pastures and fields. These sprawling countryside landscapes create picture-perfect views for the backdrop of an outdoor marquee wedding. Catering is offered through a reputable local restaurant that is known for using organic and locally-sourced foods. The venue accommodates between 50 and 200 guests and is ideal for daytime or evening events.

Address: Dark Ln, Braunston, Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 7HJ


Meadow Spires Farm

Outdoor Wedding Venues Northamptonshire - Meadow Spires Farm - The Hill Farm House

Meadow Spires Farm is a beautiful grassland that features 25 acres of open space with gorgeous trees surrounding the venue. The entire 25 acres may be used as desired for a marquee event, parking, camping or glamping, fire pits, lawn games or even a helicopter landing site. The beautiful Canons Asbury church is located behind the tree line and within view of the venue. When you choose Meadow Spires Farm, you will have access to the land for a full week. The grounds can be rented for an affordable rate, and you can decorate or outfit the grounds as desired. An alternative is to choose one of the venue’s wedding packages for tailored services and a simplified approach to planning the event.

Address: Orchard Farm, Moreton Pinkney, Daventry Northamptonshire NN11 3SJ


Crockwell Farm

Outdoor Wedding Venues Northamptonshire - Crockwell Farm - The Hill Farm House

Crockwell Farm is a stunning venue located in the southern region of Northamptonshire. It boasts a stone farm house and several other stone farm structures as well as huge trees, and gently-rolling lands. Events may be hosted outdoors under a marquee or indoors in a vaulted country barn. Rental of the venue gives you access to the property for three full days. The wedding party may use the farm house as well as guest cottages during these three days, and these structures provide you with space for up to 28 overnight guests.

Address: Crockwell Farm, Eydon, Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 3QA


Skylark Farm

Outdoor Wedding Venues Northamptonshire - Skylark Farm - The Hill Farm House

Situated in Daventry, Skylark Farm is a family-owned venue that features sprawling views of the high country. Events are hosted in a large renovated farm, and the venue provides you with a fixed-price catering menu that can be customized as desired. Music, decorations and other aspects of event planning may also be tended to depending on the package that you select. Because there are various packages available, Skylark Farm may be suitable for most budgets.

Address: Lower Shuckburgh Rd, Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 6JY


Pipewell Hall

Outdoor Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire - Pipewell Hall - The Hill Farm House

Pipewell Hall is a stunning outdoor wedding location providing the perfect backdrop for a beautiful Marquee wedding. The glorious lake and stunning acres of parkland that surround the beautiful grade II listed country mansion, provides you with a unique and truly breathtaking backdrop. The acres of unspoilt parkland offers you endless opportunities for stunning wedding photographs and the wonderful space gives you a blank canvas for your chosen marquee or tipi to take the spotlight and assist you in creating your bespoke dream wedding!

Address: Pipewell Hall, Pipewell, Northamptonshire NN14 1QZ


An outdoor wedding in beautiful Northamptonshire is a wonderful idea, and there are many venues to choose from. Because each of these venues and other local venues provide you with a unique setting and various services, spend time exploring each of them before you finalize your wedding venue selection.


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