A Magical Marquee Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire - The Hill Farm House
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A Magical Marquee Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire

Marquee Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire - The Hill Farm House
Marquee weddings are becoming all the rage with people looking to get married in their style, on their terms and in a ceremony that reflects the unique beauty of their bond! It is really no surprise that couples are ditching stuffy formality and opting for a creative and memorable expression of their love. Marquee wedding venues are popping up all over the country, but none is quite as remarkable as The Hill Farm House, a fantastic marquee wedding venue in Northamptonshire surrounded by natural beauty and culture.

Before we get into what makes the Hill Farm House so special, let’s talk about the pros and cons of having your very own marquee wedding.

Why Have A Marquee Wedding?


Why are so many couples opting to have marquee weddings instead of going the more traditional route? Each person is different, but the bottom line is that marquee weddings give you the autonomy to direct the ceremony and party to suit your individual needs and wants. On top of that, each marquee wedding is different, so couples can be assured that their big day will be special and unique to them.

Some more reasons that you should consider a marquee wedding are:

You can break from tradition and do your wedding on your terms

Marquee weddings are a refreshing change from traditional weddings and offer couples the ability to build their dream wedding from scratch. If you have ever wanted to get married but want to sculpt the entire day from start to finish- on your terms, marquee weddings are right up your alley. They allow for a tremendous amount of creative freedom and flexibility.

You can totally own the theme

In the same vein as our previous point, you and your soulmate will totally own the theme of your wedding. There are no cookie-cutter pieces here! One of the most beautiful things about marquee weddings is that each one is individually beautiful. There might be several marquee weddings within the same category, but you will not find two identical weddings when you opt for this style of ceremony. Since each love story is different, it makes sense that each wedding would be different also. Owning the theme is a great way to make your wedding stand out.

You can get back to nature

Many marquee wedding venues, including the Hill Farm House, are situated within gorgeous natural landscapes that allow you to get back in touch with nature and really relax and enjoy the combination of natural splendor and your big day with your soulmate. Much has been said about the restorative power of nature, so this is a big plus for people who really just want to unwind, unplug and focus on what is most important.

You have fewer restrictions on the number of guests

Many wedding venues restrict the number of guests that you can have, limiting the size and scope of your wedding. Marquee weddings are different. In addition to having total control over the theme and ceremony, you can choose the number of guests that you would like to have attend your big day within reason. Many marquee wedding venues can accommodate over 100 guests, so while giving you more freedom to architect the wedding of your dreams, choosing a marquee wedding can also take a big stressor off your plate and allow you to focus on what’s most important.

Marquee Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas - The Hill Farm House

The Hill Farm House Is The Perfect Marquee Wedding Venue

The English countryside is known for its romance and jaw-dropping natural landscapes. The Hill Farm House is situated right in the prettiest part of the countryside near Brigstock. This farmhouse has undergone many variations during its time, including being a dairy and an herb farm- but its most magical transformation was into the wedding venue of your dreams.

What makes the Hill Farm House most unique is that it allow you to really tap into nature while still being surrounded by any and all modern amenities that you might desire. Their Raj-style marquee is the perfect place for a creative, charming and whimsical wedding that reflects the natural surroundings and is a day to remember. It also comes with all the luxuries that you need to ensure that your guests are happy and pampered during your big day. The Rajni has a completely stocked bar, clean and well-stocked loos and an array of catering options so you can choose anything from five-star dining to your favorite street eats. The Rajni is fully equipped with power and water, and the staff at Hill Farm House are able to work with you to make the wedding of your wildest dreams a reality!

This last point is what really sets the Rajni apart from other venues. The sky is the limit and the staff is committed to making your big day one that is tailored to your specific daydreams. Nothing is too far-fetched. Nothing is out of the question. When you book your marquee wedding with the Hill Farm House, you are giving yourself permission to let your imagination run wild and create the absolute best wedding that reflects your unique style and love.

The Rajni can accommodate 120 guests, so all of your friends and family will be able to partake in the fun. Additionally, furry friends are welcome! This is another really big selling point for Hill Farm House. Many people see their pets as family, so it seems cruel to exclude them on their wedding day. When you book a marquee wedding at the Rajni, you can bring your best non-human friends along with you! The farm has resident llamas who are people and animal-friendly, so there will be plenty of human and animal kingdom camaraderie at your non-traditional marquee wedding.

There is plenty of camping on-site for your friends and family. Have family members that prefer a little less of the great outdoors? No problem. Although Hill Farm House is surrounded by nature, it is still located close to many charming villages where your guests can spend the night.

Exploring The Area For Friends And Family

We keep mentioning that Hill Farm House is located in the middle of some of the best scenery of the English countryside. What happens if your friends and family want to venture out and check out the surrounding area? There are plenty of places for them to see either before or after you say your vows!


Oundle is one of the oldest towns in England and boasts some gorgeous architecture, most of which is over 300 years old! Stroll through the quaint town and marvel at the homes the dot its streets. Oundle was once a very valuable trading post, so art enthusiasts and history buffs alike will enjoy checking out this charming piece of British history.


If entertainment and excitement is what you crave, Kettering is right up your alley. Far from the slick streets of London is a little piece of heaven in the English countryside that is the perfect place for family-friendly entertainment. Kids Play Kettering is one of the most popular attractions for children of all ages and contains a whimsical carousel, climbing wall, and a ball pool. If you love science, check out Bugtopia, where you can get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating insects on the planet! Kettering is a great place to spend a day-trip and is easily accessible from Hill Farm House.


Brigstock has royal roots dating back to Queen Elizabeth I. The area was once used as a hunting ground for royals and has some of the best trekking and hiking in the area. Brigstock is also very old, with some of the first residents dating back to the Bronze Age. This makes it an alluring destination for people who are interested in history and culture.

Not only does Hill Farm House have one of the best venues for your marquee wedding, it also offers a ton of nearby options for you and your guests to explore. One of the dangers of getting married in a rural setting is having nothing for your friends and family to do before or after the wedding. When you opt for a marquee wedding at Rajni, you will really be tapping into the best of both worlds!

Outdoor Wedding Venue Northamptonshire - The Hill Farm House

Food For Thought For Your Marquee Wedding

Each marquee wedding is totally different, so these tips are just a springboard for your magical day.

Decorate Lovingly

The most magical spaces have the best ambiance! Marquee weddings are all about individualism and unique love, so why not express that best with some well thought out decorations? The staff at Hill Farm House has ample props and different types of lighting to perfectly express your romantic vision, so take full advantage of making your space one to remember. Flowers are lovely but don’t overlook the beauty of greenery as well. Some well-placed vines or ivy look stately and unexpected at a marquee wedding. Get creative with your signage too, and decorate each table as if it was a room in your own home. Set the stage for the magic and the magic will come!

Keep It Consistent

Creativity is key with a marquee wedding, but you also want to stick with a theme once you’ve developed it. For example, an otherwise casual and carefree marquee wedding should have food that fits with the theme; not sit-down fussy plates that don’t work with the rest of the mood. Make sure all elements of your marquee wedding are aligned and make sense.

Marquee weddings are all the rage these days. If you want your big day to be memorable, unique and totally reflective of your special love, marquee weddings are the way to go. Hill Farm House ticks off all of the boxes. The Rajni allows you to accommodate all of your friends and family within a space that is rustic but has all modern amenities. In addition, it is located in the breathtaking English countryside, so you can get your dose of nature while also being close to some of the most charming towns the region has to offer.

Convenience and creativity- that is what really sets Hill Farm House apart. The environment is open, accessible to all and allows you the flexibility to create the marquee wedding of your dreams with support from their expert staff. If wedding bells are in your future, it is a great pick for a day that you will never forget.


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